terça-feira, março 11, 2008

Iggy Pop "The Iguana"

David Bowie, Iggy Pop e Lou Reed

James Newell Osterberg, Jr. (born April 21, 1947) IGGY POP
"the Godfather of Punk" and "the Rock Iguana"

Temas famosos "Lust for Life" (Trainspotting) , "I'm Bored", "Real Wild Child", "Candy"

...Candy, a estrela dos filmes de Warhol, musa inspiradora de Lou Reed

Iggy PoP & Kate Pierson (B-52's)


It's a rainy afternoon
In 1990
The big city geez it's been 20 years-
Candy-you were so fine

Beautiful beautiful
Girl from the north
You burned my heart
With a flickering torch
I had a dream that no one else could see
You gave me love for free

Candy I can't let you go
All my life you're haunting me
I loved you so
Candy I can't let you go
Life is crazy
Candy baby

Yeah, well it hurt me real bad when you left
I'm glad you got out
But I miss you
I've had a hole in my heart
For so long
I've learned to take it and
Just smile along

Down on the street
Those men are all the same
I need a love
Not games
Not games


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